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Birthdays: A Tale of Woe

19 Nov

This is a little story from one of my previous contacts, a mister Scooter. He’s been telling this horror story for many a year, and it has always made me laugh, while at the same time having kind of a moral. I always try to live by his words because I look up to him, and he has some good advice.

“I always have terrible birthdays. This day of happiness, the one day of the year you get to celebrate being alive was always ruined for me by the ‘conspiring of fate’
The first birthday I can remember being horrible was in like 1st or 2nd grade, where everybody at my party was super mean, doing all the party things without me. This set the tone for the eternal suckiness of birthdays to come.
I would say would say that my worst birthday could have been my sophomore year, where I got broken up with on my birthday, or maybe my freshman year, where I had to go to the hospital. That one kind of sucked.
This has taught me that there is no universal binding force that makes birthdays rad. It’s also taught me to take things less seriously, because if you can’t laugh it off it’ll start to get to you. So now I can laugh about these things, possibly because I’m kinda forgetful.”


My New Favorite Song!

8 Jun

I love songs that have a positive outlook on a negative situation, they are very inspirational for dealing with something that is troubling you. Peppy beats and such are also necessary because they make you want to get up and dance. So, by this theory, I have a song to show all you guys (but you may already have heard it)

Misery ~ Maroon 5

This song tells the story of a man who has just been kind of stabbed in the back by a girl, but has taken a really positive outlook on life by having lots of determination to get her back. We all know that when you want something, you have to work to get it, I mean, come one, that’s just common sense.

So today’s advice is: always go after what you want, never give up. If maybe it doesn’t work out like you’d hoped, at least you can say you tried.