6 Nov

My entire life, Scooter (as he wishes to be anonymous, but did not provide a name, this is what he ended up with.) has been a personal confident yet also a antagonizing presence in my day-to-day life. He’s been with me through quite a bit, and always seems to make me laugh, or at the very least, get ready to throw something at him. He has been through a lot of changes in his life, and I interviewed him on the subject… for the most part.

Harlow: Have you ever been to a school you didn’t like?
Scooter: Yes, I’ve definitely been to a school that I didn’t like. There were tons of bullies, and the teachers were all biased towards Americans. Bullying is a huge problem in a lot of schools, and this one was no exception. Bullying can have a really lasting effect. The person doing the bullying becomes the alpha and the victim develops the mindset that they will never be the alpha. This type of thinking can last a lifetime.

H: What types of things helped you get through this time of trouble?
S: My dogs and my friends really helped me through this time, but it also helped that I faced problems and trials head-on. When I got harassed I fought back, and got to know the principal really well.

H: You went to 8 different schools in 4 different, and you graduated from and international high school. What advice would you have for someone who changes schools frequently?
S: Maintain your confidence. If you get hassled for being new, hassle right back. Don’t be afraid to be friends with anyone who seems friendly. Don’t be afraid to sit at the nerdy table at lunch.

H: You seem to make friends easily. What’s the secret?
S: Find things in common with someone else and be ready to point it out. But don’t be something you aren’t. Be confident in who you are.

H: Going from high school to college must have been world-flipping. What would you say is the best way to maintain your confidence when faced with a new thing?
S: Be sure to always hold onto the things that make you, you. Hold onto the things that you like to do: Personal distraction tools. For me this is video games, and my artwork. Another thing is you shouldn’t be too cautious. People may play tricks on you and whatnot, but afterwords, those people are going to seem like bullies and people are going to take your side. Maybe you’ll have gained a few friends from the whole experience.


Eyes Up!

2 Nov

“Life is like a box of chocolates.” This famous line, delivered into the minds of anyone who has ever seen Forrest Gump, has so many meanings that it would be hard to name them all. Basically, the metaphor is that every day is something unexpected, you never know what is going to happen. I’ve had this theory in my head for a long, long time, way before I ever saw that amazing movie. I put it into similar words circa 7 years old, but unfortunately my genius wasn’t appreciated at the time, or perhaps I would be a famous philosopher by now. ” Life is like a fashion show.” Was, and still is, my theory for the way life works. Each outfit that comes out from behind those curtain could be great, or it could look like the model just put glue all over her body and rolled around on fabric. (I believe that this is what Lady Gaga does, except she rolls in random household objects instead of fabric.) And perhaps to somebody else, that same model looks horrible in what you think is a great outfit or looks amazing in what you think looks awful. Your bad day may change somebody else’s life for the better, or vice-versa.

Another philosophy that was brought to my attention only a few days ago was the physical manifestation of our personalities in they way we go through life. Some people walk with their eyes always on the ground, looking for problems in their path, and never tripping. Others walk through life with their eyes consistently focused on something in the distance, but they always seem to be tripping over something. Could this be a metaphor for their personalities, with pros and cons of both?

Just a couple of things to keep you awake,

xoxo, ~ Harlow

The Halloween Sitch

25 Oct

Almost every year since I was 8 or 9, I’ve wanted a costume bought from a store, not made by my mother, as they had all been previously. And every year, at the beginning of October, I look at Halloween costumes and get inspired. I always find one I particularly love, usually a historical costume, because I seem to love history whatever I do. Usually it’s the 50’s poodle skirt costume or the Greek goddess costume that really doesn’t look anything like depictions of goddesses from that time period.

I have only ever bought one costume from an actual store. In all of those years, I have always forgotten to actually buy the costume before Halloween, or before the time it would take to ship it to where I live. The only costume I have ever bought was a 20’s flapper costume that I fell in love with as soon as it hit the digital screen I was looking at. It was a historically accurate length, and had fringe from the top to bottom. I got a feathered hat and a large boa to wear it with, figuring that this would be my only time to get an actual costume, and I should go all-out.

It went downhill from the moment I put it on. Having bought it online, it was slightly too big for me, and I despaired. I wore it anyways, to a Trick-or-Treating party where everybody else had a perfectly fitting store-bought costume. Again, I despaired. Then came the point in the evening that brought me news of the worst kind: none of my friends knew what a flapper was! When I told them I was a flapper, they assumed it was something dirty! I was at a breaking point right then… then I calmed down. I told them what a flapper really was, and they thought I was being snooty and smarter than them. It was a bad evening of epic proportions, or so it seemed at the time.

Since then I’ve come to realize that I don’t really care what other people think about the costume I’m wearing, that it doesn’t matter because it’s Halloween, and you need to have fun! Although I haven’t really had time to test this theory specifically to Halloween because I haven’t bought another costume since then. But in other aspects of my life I’ve put this theory into work with my normal self, every day. Who cares if people are looking at you or don’t “get” something about you?

xoxo, ~ Harlow

Book Review: American Gods

25 Oct

I have just finished reading the book American Gods by Neil Gaiman, which took my breath away… for part of it. This book was long, but not necessarily slow-moving, as I’ve felt with other books this length.

This book is about a man named Shadow, and the adventures he has while in the company of a man mysteriously called Mr. Wednesday. It starts as Shadow is getting out of a 3-year sentence in jail, and starts off with a boom: his wife, whom he has been remembering faithfully for the 3 years, has been killed in a car crash. Up until then, I got the book, there was no problems with comprehension.

However, when Shadow accepts a job from Mr. Wednesday, things start to spiral… right into the land where I have no idea what anyone is talking about. The basic story-line was simple, and the plot twist was easy to understand, but the devil was in the details. For someone like myself, wanting to actually learn from this book and take what knowledge it gave me a put it to good use, it was a nightmare. Some things had nothing to do with the actual story-line, and everything that was seemed cryptic.

On the whole, it was an interesting plot and the characters seemed very genuine, and it had a good ending. I am very partial to bad books with good endings.

Thanks for reading, xoxo ~Harlow

Finish First!

24 Oct

This is kind of an ‘oldish’ youtube video that I think represents quite a few things that I would like to mention:

1. Guys always think they are tough, and that toughness is always a good thing. As the guys in this video realize at the end, girls don’t like that stuff, they like guys who like them.

2. Since when do large gold chains mean toughness? Doesn’t that look slightly… poser-ish? Maybe that’s just the video mocking modern culture, you say, but it isn’t just confined to this video. I mean, I see people all the time who think large polo shirts or button-downs that are half undone are cool or ‘tough’. When did this happen?

Myths or Facts?

21 Oct

Being one of a type of person known as a “history buff”, I am always surprised when I come across something that seems like I should have known, but I have never heard of before. So as I was roving my way across the vast internet today, I came across this myth (see below.) And I was wondering if somebody made this up on a whim… or if this incredibly creepy story is true? Quoted from www.slightlywarped.com/crapfactory/awesomemysteries/greenchildren.htm

“In the 12th century near Suffolk, England local farmers made a remarkable discovery: a boy and a girl weeping in a field… both with green skin.

The children spoke no English and refused to eat food. They both wore oddly-colored clothing that appeared to be metallic. Eventually they began to eat beans exclusivly after going without food for several days, but only after they were shown how to open the stalks.

The boy grew weak shortly after and eventually died. The girl survived, learned to speak English, and eat other food. Her skin turned to a normal color.

When asked about her origins, the girl described a place with no sun where all the inhabitants were of green color. She claimed that she and the boy were separated from their people as they wandered in a large cavern and, upon exiting, were “struck senseless by the excessive light of the sun and the unusual temperature of the air.”

As if this were not strange enough, the same thing happened again almost 700 years later in 1887 in Banjos, Spain. A boy and a girl with green skin were found abandoned near a cave. They did not speak Spanish and wore unfamiliar clothing. Their eyes were described as Oriental in appearance.

As with the first account from England, both children refused to eat at first. The boy grew weak and died, but the girl survived, learned Spanish, and explained that she and her companion came from a sunless land. The account differs from the first as the girl was reported to have claimed they had been caught up in a whirlwind and found themselves in the cave. The girl died in 1892.

The children’s true origins were never discovered.  Some say that they were aliens, others say that they are members of a subsurface human culture, while others say they they were lost children whos green coloring was the result of undernourishment.  It’s even been put forward that both stories are actually the retelling of one story.

In any case, it’s widely accepted that the children did exist… the question is, where did they come from?”

The Importance of Peripheral Vision

19 Oct

Has anyone here seen those old-timer Americana scenes where all the kids in the neighborhood have gathered in the middle of the street to play softball or basketball? As a kid, I would go out sometimes and play with other kids, usually in the form of playing “house”, where somebody was the mother and daughter and so on and so forth. I loved going outside and playing, especially of there was snow on the ground! I didn’t have much else to break the monotony of suburban life without a computer, and good books were my only company for the most part.

As some have guessed, the kids of today, the past few years, are spending more time solely on the computer, and not participating the real world, as is needed to develop you physically and mentally. Studies have shown that children who either sit in front of a computer or television for hours on end are starting to lose their peripheral vision. It just simply isn’t needed for them anymore. Another side effect is also a weight problem, but that’s for another blog post.

When I learned this, I was very concerned; peripheral vision is very important if you ever want to play sports or drive, at all. Living without it would be a very dangerous thing, you may not even notice until you either get tested or are in a car accident.

It seems this phenomenon was noticed when the children sat and watched TV in very early life, so I will try not to feel guilty staring at a computer screen for a while when I am typing these blog posts.