Book Review: American Gods

25 Oct

I have just finished reading the book American Gods by Neil Gaiman, which took my breath away… for part of it. This book was long, but not necessarily slow-moving, as I’ve felt with other books this length.

This book is about a man named Shadow, and the adventures he has while in the company of a man mysteriously called Mr. Wednesday. It starts as Shadow is getting out of a 3-year sentence in jail, and starts off with a boom: his wife, whom he has been remembering faithfully for the 3 years, has been killed in a car crash. Up until then, I got the book, there was no problems with comprehension.

However, when Shadow accepts a job from Mr. Wednesday, things start to spiral… right into the land where I have no idea what anyone is talking about. The basic story-line was simple, and the plot twist was easy to understand, but the devil was in the details. For someone like myself, wanting to actually learn from this book and take what knowledge it gave me a put it to good use, it was a nightmare. Some things had nothing to do with the actual story-line, and everything that was seemed cryptic.

On the whole, it was an interesting plot and the characters seemed very genuine, and it had a good ending. I am very partial to bad books with good endings.

Thanks for reading, xoxo ~Harlow


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