The Importance of Peripheral Vision

19 Oct

Has anyone here seen those old-timer Americana scenes where all the kids in the neighborhood have gathered in the middle of the street to play softball or basketball? As a kid, I would go out sometimes and play with other kids, usually in the form of playing “house”, where somebody was the mother and daughter and so on and so forth. I loved going outside and playing, especially of there was snow on the ground! I didn’t have much else to break the monotony of suburban life without a computer, and good books were my only company for the most part.

As some have guessed, the kids of today, the past few years, are spending more time solely on the computer, and not participating the real world, as is needed to develop you physically and mentally. Studies have shown that children who either sit in front of a computer or television for hours on end are starting to lose their peripheral vision. It just simply isn’t needed for them anymore. Another side effect is also a weight problem, but that’s for another blog post.

When I learned this, I was very concerned; peripheral vision is very important if you ever want to play sports or drive, at all. Living without it would be a very dangerous thing, you may not even notice until you either get tested or are in a car accident.

It seems this phenomenon was noticed when the children sat and watched TV in very early life, so I will try not to feel guilty staring at a computer screen for a while when I am typing these blog posts.


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