Major… Minor… Something Like That… Right?

12 Oct

I have grown up. It has to be admitted at some point and now seems like an appropriate time, with college somewhere in the blurry future and my knowledge of the world expanding exponentially. I have stopped believing in Santa Claus and the Halloween Pumpkin, and started liking Christmas parties and Halloween gatherings. I knew I was grown up when I started going to bed before my appointed bedtime, just to get some precious sleep. This brings me to my topic of the day, growing up and the choices we have to make thereafter.

For instance, blurred visions of myself at college are coming up to me at random times and I have started thinking almost constantly about what college I should go to and why? The one with the cool artsy pamphlet? The incredibly expensive one and never buy a house in my life because I’ll be paying off my student loans? Should I pursue a career in something I like or something that will pay? And worst of all… what job do would anybody get if they majored in Latin or Art History?! Some things just don’t make much sense.

And after that, what job do I want to have? Does it really matter if I want it or not? What do I like to do? It turns out that it’s hard to make up your mind when you really don’t know it at all. I have never taken the time to learn my own mind, and wouldn’t really know how that would go if I tried.

So for now I will trudge along, unsure, until the time comes when I abso-positivilily-lutely have to make a decision. In the meantime, I am going to try and take some time out of my day to be a little more introspective. Maybe I’ll start doing more yoga. Or any at all. I’ll keep you updated…

xoxo, Harlow


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