Other Languages and Why They Suck

11 Oct

I’m in the middle of learning a Spanish, which I must admitis not my first time trying to learn a foreign language. Although both of the previous attempts were as a small child, I can never fully forgive myself for not making more of an effort with what could have been a life skill.

While I’ve been struggling with my bane of a Spanish class, I’ve developed some thoughts on the matter I’d like to share.

I am of the opinion that if learning vocabulary was all you needed, learning a new language would be a piece of cake. When the word order and grammar starts to change, that’s when I personally have trouble. Everything starts getting confused and mixed up.

Something else I have thought over the course of me language-learning career is that all languages should be spelled how they sound, but that is sadly not always the case. Even worse than that is when two words are spelled exactly the same and pronounced differently, meaning two completely different things altogether.

Maybe it’s because of these reasons and more that foriegn languages have never really stuck in my head like history facts or the newest way to do my nails. But nevertheless I will trudge on through this haze of meaningless words and remain truly yours,

xoxo, Harlow


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