Who’s the Smartest Person I Know…

21 Sep

This is a very cliche answer, but this is a very cliche question. I think I would have to say my father, yeller of Jeopardy answers, political questioner, and hands-down never the best person to talk to when you feel sick.

I know, I know everybody thinks their dad is the smartest person alive, but they usually think that between the ages of 5 and 13. So it is a testament  to his intellect that I still believe that he is the smartest person alive. Well, okay, one of them. Top 10, definitely.

He is probably the main reason I have never broken any bones, had major surgery, or even had a bee sting me. I don’t even think I’ve been sick for longer than maybe a week, because of his sound advice: “Drink a glass of water and take a nap, you’ll be just find. Also that medicine the doctor gave you…” And this advice has worked a number of times, too many to count!

So as an homage to my father ( he taught me the word homage!) I would like to formally name him the smartest person I know!

xoxo ~ Harlow


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