2 Sep

The girl who has been cool-y nicknamed ‘Lena’ for the purposes of  this interview is a very old friend of mine who agreed to be interviewed, for which I am very grateful. I an no longer living in the same country as her, but I like to think we keep in touch… kinda. Anyways, she is a very opinionated person (as you can see in her blog, link under the interview)
Anyways, here’s the interview, conducted over the magical Facebook Messages system

Harlow:  Have you ever had to deal with any large changes in your life? Or anything that has made it hard for you to deal?
Lena:  1.) I left my religion for a while (Christian) to explore some other religions. When I left Christianity, I felt incredibly liberated but at the same time it was frightening because my reality had changed. It was hard to deal with because I felt lost and confused, I didn’t know where to go. My parent’s were also very upset. Eventually I came back to Christianity, and I’m happy with my beliefs.
2.) Cutting my hair super short. I was very attached to my hair before and kept it past shoulder length (until one hair accident which forced me to cut my hair into a bob; I hated it). But I always admired girls who sported short hair. One day I thought, “screw this, I only live once and I might as well just do it!” so I went to a hair salon and got a fohawk. I laughed manically as the stylist took an electric razor and buzzed the back of my head. After I chopped my long locks off, I felt so free and so confident. I could take on the world and do anything. Eventually I let it grow into a longer pixie and I now have bangs, but I will never go back to long hairstyles again. I think every girl should get their hair cut super short at least once in their life. I’m thinking about shaving my head entirely once I go to college (so my parents don’t throw a fit, haha).

H: And so you feel that you are stronger because of these decisions that you’ve made, even though they completely turned your life around?
L:  Yes, definitely! :) I feel empowered because of these experiences.

H:  What advice would you give to people who have you go through big changes just like you did?
L:  Be true to yourself and stay strong. If the change is negative, remember that there are worse situations out there and make the most of it. If the change is positive and controlled by you, be audacious-bold-daring and don’t mind what other’s think! You only live once.

H:  Can you give me an example of how you live by these rules in day-to-day life?
L:  I always focus on the future and I open myself to change. Whether it’s something small like trying new food or moving.

Thank you so much to Lena for this amazing interview with a very strong message. I believe that strong and opinionated people will go very far in this world, which leads to the conclusion that I will one day be saying “I knew her in the 5th grade!” when Lena receives her Nobel Prize for something or other.

~Harlow, xoxo


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