The Horrors and Delights of a New School

22 Aug

Everybody knows that starting at a new school, sometimes in a new country, sometimes going to college with everybody else you know. I know what you are thinking, that your entire world has been flipped on it’s head and how can you possibly deal with this? But it’s pretty easy to assimilate into a new school or situation, you just have to know some tricks from an old-timer like myself. And I am not kidding when I say I have experience on the front of new schools/living situations. I have been to approximately ‘way-too-many’ schools and countries, and I have a pretty secure feeling that I know what I’m talking about.

You can always talk to somebody before you get there to avoid any wear dress code violations you weren’t aware of, or some other incredibly embarrassing mishap. For instance, the very first time I stepped foot in the school I am currently attending, I was victim of a tragic fashion disaster. I (brace yourselves) wore a skort. Yes, yes, I could practically hear everybody gasping right now. But I’m glad that I got through that particular fashion faux pas, although it scarred my reputation for a while there. But, my point is that I could have avoided that entire situation by talking to somebody who went to that school before the first day. I could have contacted them via Facebook, which is the method my much-smarter-than me brother used. This has haunted me to this day.

The part most people dread about a new school, or the first day at your old school, or any new situations anywhere is lunch. Everybody knows how awkward  it is to stand in the middle of the lunchroom, tray/bagged lunch in your hand, and try to catch the eye of somebody who would then smile and pat the seat next to them. Nobody ever seems to do that when I look at them, but I make an effort to do it to whomever may be leaning awkwardly against the wall, or anybody with the wild-eyed look that tells me they are about to sprint for the bathroom and enclose themselves in a stall to avoid standing there another second.
Anyways, I have a couple solutions to this age-old dilemma. The first, comes even before you hit the lunchroom: The class before lunch. You can be an anti-social freak in every one of your other classes, you can not talk to anyone the rest of the day, but this is the class that really counts. If you strike up a conversation in this class, you can be guaranteed a seat at lunch if the conversation goes well. If it doesn’t… there are more tips!
Smiles! Smiles! I know, I know, I’m being very cliche here, but I will always repeat just how essential a smile is. It’s really amazing to me how far a simple smile can take you, possibly tacking on a “Hi” with the smile can’t hurt, But it’s the smile that really does all the talking.
Last Chance tactics: strike up a conversation in the lunch line! Even if you brought your lunch, everybody needs a cookie or a soda n the first day of school, so go right ahead! It will get you something yummy, and a possible new friend!

Another, similar sector of new school jitters is where to sit in a classroom. If you don’t know anybody and aren’t one of those school-y types who sit right in the front, try for the middle, three or four rows back. I find this space nice and neutral, and this is where I always seem to end up sitting on the first day at a new school. After the first day this problem solves itself, because you can size up the situation in the classroom, and figure out where everybody is sitting.

This is all I’ve got right now, but watch out for other school tips, such as homecoming and winter break!

xoxo, Harlow


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