Pushing the Limit

22 Aug

Today’s topic is success, specifically, your own! I have always had a hard time doing that thing they always tell you to do, which is imagining yourself already being successful and all that. Psychologists have said that your mindset of what is considered ‘success’ and ‘failure’ to each individual. But what if you don’t know what success means to you? I figure most of us just don’t know.
In my head, personally, I say success, and I always see a mansion with lots of rooms stuffed to the bursting with money, and pool and a couple of horses cantering gracefully through the meadow behind the house. But that never feels like success, just what society says success should look like. I don’t really know what I would think about if I thought about what I really believe as success for more than a minute. But, studies show this is normal, and perhaps even better for people. Psychologists have said that people with a constant idea of what success and failure mean tend to have a declining trend in their relative success. Which is, of course, great news for people like me. But I would still like to know what I can achieve and be at least somewhat satisfied with myself.

So I pose to you the question: What counts as success in your eyes?



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