24 Jul

Having been a traveler my entire life, from when I was just a wee babe in my crib, I have picked up some things regarding airports, flying, and the like. Some people walk into an airport with 5 squealing kids and a non-collapsable stroller, with their carry-on item being a paper shopping bag and think they are going to get onto a flight without troubles. Well, I’m just letting everybody out there know, there are some unwritten airport rules. And today, I am writing them.

The “Dos” and “Don’ts” of Airline Traveling:

DO always put the electronics in your carry-on into one clear plastic bag, so you can pull them all out at once when security comes around. This doesn’t include laptops, because those you can pull out with their case.

DON’T ever leave your seat or your tray table down when taking off or landing. People often ignore this rule, having had it shouted at them so many times by flight attendants. But, there is a reason for that amount of shove-into-your-brain. There can be some very bad consequences when these rules aren’t followed. A friend of mine once had a person sitting in front of her who disobeyed this and had his seat down upon landing. When they landed in the plane, the guy’s seat broke and the whole thing came tumbling down on my friend, who was decidedly disgruntled.

DON’T wear platform heels on an airplane or in an airport. You may have to rush somewhere, and as good as your legs might look with those heels on, that is not an excuse for missing a connecting flight, or tripping and falling into somebody on the plane.

DO bring a bag as a carry-on that you know will hold up. I have seen way to many people walking around with paper shopping bags as a carry-on item! Or bags that do not have some sort of closure at the top, and then they are surprised when at the end of the flight they open the overhead compartment to find they’re stuff everywhere.

DON’T buy liqueur at the duty-free shops and then put it straight into the overhead compartment. Why would you buy it if you didn’t have enough space in your carry-on to hold it, I have no idea, but many people seem to.

DO wear clothing that will be easy to get through security with. Belts are always troublesome to take on and off, and always remember to wear shoes that you can slip in and out of easily. And plan even further ahead than that: for instance, girls, you know you are going to have to put that heavy carry-on in the overhead, why would you wear a strapless dress? You know you are going to have to use one hand to hold it up, and that is going to make getting your carry-on up there very hard.

DON’T get the people working at the airport angry. They probably have more power than you realize. Please, do not ask for a seat change multiple times. If there isn’t anything the first time, I doubt it will get better. And please, do not ask to ride on the little golf cart things no matter how much those heels are killing your feet (why are you wearing those anyway?)

DON’T leave your food garbage just lying around when you go to the bathroom that one last time before you board. Even if there is some food left, don’t just leave it there. Either finish it or throw it away, guarantee if you don’t, somebody will get mad at you.

DO make sure you always check the arrivals/departures board every single time you pass one. Gates do change, very often, as much as some of us would like to think otherwise, or you could be in for a surprise if your flight is delayed.

DON’T ever mention ‘bomb.’ Please, this has to be the most obvious thing on this list. They will search you. They will also search you if you make unnecessary motions while going through security, such as dancing through the machines. Please don’t do this. Unless you are below the age of 10.

I hope this list helps you with your future in airport traveling, because we know we all do it at so point. Ta ta for now! ~ Harlow xoxo


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  1. Maximillion July 25, 2011 at 1:28 AM #

    I like the last one 😉

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