“The Lone Traveler”

23 Jul

My best friend in the whole world, known fondly here as “The Lone Traveler”, is just about to leave on a trip. This trip will bring about another change in her life. She travels as much as I do, if not more, so together we should be able to tell you all about change.

The Interview:

Harlow: Would you say that moving around so much as a developing person, has affected you greatly?
The Lone Traveler: So, traveling, moving around, by yourself or with others, can greatly affect you because it changes your views of yourself and other people. Traveling helps you find that there is beauty, not just where you live but around the world as well.

H: So can you give a specific example of how this has changed your viewpoint?
TLT: When I moved to Colombia, the country, transition from a first world country to (is Colombia a third world country? I think it is…) Anyways, that was a very hard transition to make. Not only was the language different, but the culture and landscape of this new country was different as well. I learned to love the country how it was, and it’s simple beauty always seemed to amaze me every day.

H: How do you deal with big changes, such as moving, in your life?
TLT: I actually take it pretty hard. On the outside I may seem like I’m calm about it, but on the inside there are little Lone Travelers running around screaming that I don’t like it. An example would be: “Oh no, oh no!! The world is coming to an end!!”  After a while, when I realize that I can’t do anything about the change, I come to terms with myself and accept it. And then I can happily move on, knowing that I am handling the change the best I can.

H: What advice would you give to somebody going through a large change in their life? To avoid the running and screaming.
TLT: Really, you just have to look for the better things that come out of the change, rather than the negative ones.  In a TV show I saw once, they made a chart listing all the positive and negative things, comparing them. And when they were done, they found that the positive things overruled the negative ones, and decided to move on. And so that’s what I try to do.

So basically the advice we have to give is that you should always look on the bright side of life, because there are always more positives than negatives.  ~Harlow xoxo


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