23 Jul

Again on the subject of change, I interviewed one of my best friends and boyfriend, known fondly here as “Maximillion” (Because he couldn’t think of anything else at the time.) He is currently on a trip (Everybody is taking a trip!) so the interview was conducted via the very user-friendly and convenient method of Facebook chat.

The Interview:

Harlow: Would you say that moving around so much as a developing person has affected you greatly?
Maximillion: Yes, it has exposed me to many different cultures and lifestyles. It changes the way to react to certain things and is helpful in dealing with things if you have to move around again.

H: Can you give me a specific example of how things like that have changed you as a person?
M:  It made me a much more tolerant person of different cultures and the different ways people live.  Growing up where I grew up there were always different cultures in the community, and I never fully accepted the way some other people live until I moved to a new place, a different country.

H: How do you deal with big changes in your life?
M: I try to take a good look at the situation, and see what good I can take from it. When a big change takes place in my life I always try to make the most of it, even if the situation is bad, I always see what good I can make out of it.

H: You don’t freak out or anything?
M: Not much freaks me out. When you’ve been through as much as I had, you just learn to accept it, and go with the flow. It’s as simple as that.

H: So what advice would you give to people who have to deal with big changes in their lives?
M:  I think its pointless to try and change what has already happened. No matter what the situation it is best to just stay positive and try to make the most of it. Stay strong and don’t give up.

So he sends the same sort of message to all you guys out there going through changes. There are always positives, and it’s best not to get too worked up over things that may have already happened. Go with the flow, stay strong, and you will make it through. It’ll all be okay in the end. If it’s not okay then it’s not the end. ~ Harlow xoxo


One Response to ““Maximillion””

  1. youngwings August 8, 2011 at 8:55 PM #

    Liked the bit about if it is not Okay it’s not the end. Good advice.

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