Old New Music

14 Jul

The past few weeks I have been rediscovering a whole lot of music that I used to listen to, when I was living in a different country than I am now and life was just, well, different. All of the music that I am now listening to every day brings a sense of what it was like for me back then and I feel more connected with the things and people back there than I have since I moved away.

Overall, I’m holding the website 8tracks.com accountable for the change.  This website consists of mixes of 8 or more songs (hence the name) made by anybody who bothers to make an account. Mostly these mixes contain a bunch of random songs and artists that nobody has ever heard of besides the people making the mixes. This particular quality about the site made me feel the need to also find artists that nobody has ever heard of, and introduce this website to new artists. Turns out, however, that on this website, people had already gone through the same artists that I had.

This didn’t stop me from finding all of the old artists that I had loved in former days.


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