My New Favorite Song!

8 Jun

I love songs that have a positive outlook on a negative situation, they are very inspirational for dealing with something that is troubling you. Peppy beats and such are also necessary because they make you want to get up and dance. So, by this theory, I have a song to show all you guys (but you may already have heard it)

Misery ~ Maroon 5

This song tells the story of a man who has just been kind of stabbed in the back by a girl, but has taken a really positive outlook on life by having lots of determination to get her back. We all know that when you want something, you have to work to get it, I mean, come one, that’s just common sense.

So today’s advice is: always go after what you want, never give up. If maybe it doesn’t work out like you’d hoped, at least you can say you tried.


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